Fitting of lower extremity levels (partial foot, symes, transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral, and hip disarticulation)


Fitting of upper extremity levels (both congenital differences and acquired amputations; body powered, myolectric devices, and passive devices)


Fitting of upper extremity vacuum assisted socket designs


Post-op fitttings and care.


Access to physiotherapy services through Shirlene Cambell ( for advanced gait training


What to Expect

The first appointment with me would consist of an assessment and discussion of what the client expects from the new device.

Arrangements for an ADP clinic will also be done at this appointment. Depending on the device, we would probably take an impression of the remaining limb at this time.

Within two weeks a diagnostic socket would be assessed with the client. For lower extremity patients, this is usually a dynamic socket with a walking trial. Upper extremity patients, this is a mock up device to determine length and function of the components chosen.

The final device is produced from this diagnostic socket and can be done with custom graphics ( or of a colour matching the client’s skin tone. This device may be taken for a home trial before putting all the finishing on if necessary. When the final prosthetic device is finished, follow-up appointments are booked to see how the device is functioning and how the client is doing with the new device.

Working Close with Custom Orthotics in Vaughan, Toronto

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As well as to the fitting of lower extremity levels section. Vorum 3D scanners are utilized in our shape capture of symes, transtibial and transfemoral levels. Assessment for Osseointegration also done in our clinic

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